College Finance:- A College education can be costly but it is necessary for everyone. College education is more expensive many students are not go to college due to some financial problems. Today’s a Bachelor degree is minimum requirement for jobs in Private and Govt sector. The Fees structure is too high.

Cost of College:- The basic cost of a college are Fees, Tution and other Expensive:

    • Fees: Student course fees, Library Fees, athletic activities, other activities are very costly.
    • Tution: Tution is the amount of money. Tution is the very important for student but increasing the rates of tution fees every year. The tution fees increase roughly 5% to 8% every year and double in 7 years.
    • Other Expensive: There are many other expensive in college like Hostal Fees, Food , Books, Board, Transportation etc.

In private and Public Sector fees increasing every year. But private sector is higher than public sector. It is very difficult How to learn college education But some finance companies provides the education loan for students.

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Financial Aid:

Financial aid can help many students. Every year many student apply for the financial aid and Receive financial aid. Mostly students apply financial aid for higher education:
At the college level the three main types of financial help to qualified students are

    1. Loans
    1. Work study
    1. Grants and Scholarships

Education loan is a finincial help from any financial compay or Bank for students. Loan is an Financial aid for the is an blessing to those parents and children who cannot afford high amount of money on the study of their children with the help of loan they fulfil the dreams of their family and make the future bright. The interest rate of the education loan is very low and repayment the loan after complete the study.