Appraisal are typically either used for taxation purpose or determine a possible rates for the property. Valuation of property e.g. real estate, a business, an antique by the authorized person. Real estate dictionary appricial a professional opinion the value of property. Aslo see report of appraisal. e.g A Property owner may have an appriasial made of property:

  • Responsible offering price in a sale
  • .

  • Determine the amount of hazard insurance to carry
  • .

  • Determine the value at Death for tax purpose.
  • Allocated the price of purchase to the lands.
  • Allocated the price of purchase to the improvement.

The value of estimate of an asset. Asset may be a price of property, a metal of precious or a collectible. In case of property an apprasial made for the purpose of.

  1. Allocating the price of purchase to the acquired assets e.g Building, Land, equipment.
  2. Determine the value at death for estate purposes tax.
  3. The amount of hazard insurance to carrry.
  4. Reasponsible asking price in a sale.



Determint the current worth of an Company or asset. There are so many techniques that can use to detemine the value, some subjective and other objective. Valuation is the process of placing a value on assets. An analyst valuing a organisation may look at management of company’s. The Capital structure of composition, the value of assets in the market, Prospect of future earnings.Placing a worth or value on asset. The value of company stock analyst determine.
Different types approaches can be used to find the value of a business.


  1. Valuation Opinions
  2. Value Analysis
  3. Thumbnail Evaluation
  4. Fairness Opinions
  5. Formal Business Valuation
  6. Litigation Support